Invited talks 

Varieties of Mind, University of Cambridge, Non-conceptual mindreading? Seeing agents 5-8/06/2018

Conference on non-conceptualism, University of Barcelona, Non-conceptual mindreading,  10-11/05/2018

Mind Network. Nottingham, Representational kinds 21/09/2017

First Rutgers-Bochum Workshop, Developmental psychology and non-conceptualism, 14/10/2016

The 2016 Minds on-line conference organized by Brains Blog, comments on Sam Clarke’s paper “Goal Ascription for the A-rational”, 19/09/2016 – 24/09/2016

“Agent-files”, talk based on joint work with Michael Murez at the workshop on mental files organized by Professor Newen, KogWis in Bremen 26/09/2016 – 30/09/2016

Mental Representations: the foundation of cognitive science? Kinds of representations in psychology and philosophy, RUB, Germany, 21-23/09/2015

The 2015 Minds on-line conference organized by Brains Blog, comments on Assaf Weksler’s paper “Retinal images and Object Files: Towards Empirically Evaluating Philosophical Accounts of Visual Perspective” 7-10/09/2015

Cognitive Penetrability and Predictive Coding, Extending the reach of perception without cognitive penetrability RUB, Germany, 23/04/2015

PONS Seminar, Tuebingen, Germany, Seeing Simple Goal-directed actions, 20-21/11/2014


3rd PLM Conference, Oslo, Norway, Challenging assumptions about non-conceptual content, 10-13/09/2015

Workshop “The reach of consciousness” Manchester UK, Perceptual adaptation and the reach of perceptual consciousness, 20-21.07.2015

ESPP Tartu, Estonia, Symposium on “Social Relations and Social Cognition” (with Vivian Bohl and Olivier Mascaro), The architecture of the social relations system, 14-17.07.2015

ESPP Tartu, Estonia, Empirical challenges to the mental files theory (with Michael Murez and Brent Strickland), 14-17.07.2014

ASSC Paris, France, The rich content of perception, 7-10/07/2015

Minimal Mindreading, Magdeburg, Germany, Mental Concepts in Minimal Mindreading, 6-8/11/2014

CRNAP (Research Network for Analytic Philosophy) 2nd Princeton, Oxford, IJN Grad Meeting, Oxford, UK, Seeing Emotions, 15/06/2013

(with Michael Murez) Carnap Lectures 2012, Ruhr-Universität, Bochum, Germany, Singular Thought: From Object Files to Person Files, our paper won the “Essay Prize Award”, 01/06/2012

SOPHA (Société de Philosophie Analytique) 2012, Paris, France, The Rich Content View of Perception, 06/05/2012

Talking Heads, Milan-Paris Workshop, University of Milan, Italy, Arguments for the Rich Content View, 27/06/2011



Origins of Human Cognition, Berlin, Germany, Agent-files and the concept AGENT, 19/06/2015

The future of social cognition, RUB, Germany, Seeing Emotions, 12-14/06/2014 (my poster won the best poster award)

Dividnorm Workshop, Seeon, University of Munich, Germany, Agent-files, 22-25/10/2012