Peer-reviewed articles 

Smortchkova, Joulia (accepted) Seeing Goal-Directedness: A case for Social Perception. British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

Smortchkova, Joulia (2017). Encapsulated social perception of emotional expressions. Consciousness and Cognition 47:38-47.

Smortchkova, Joulia (2017). Seeing emotions without mindreading them. Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 16 (3):525-543.

Murez, Michael & Smortchkova, Joulia (2014). Singular Thought: Object‐Files, Person‐Files, and the Sortal PERSON. Topics in Cognitive Science 6 (4):632-646.

Edited volumes

(under contract) Mental representations: the foundation of cognitive science, with Tobias Schlicht and Krzysztof Dolega, Oxford University Press

(under contract) Mentale Repräsentation. Klassische Aufsätze und neuere Arbeiten, with Tobias Schlicht, Suhrkamp

Invited chapters 

(under contract) with Murez, Michael and Strickland Brent. “The Mental Files Theory of Singular Thought: A Psychological Perspective”, invited chapter for Mental Files and Singular Thought, edited by Rachel Goodman, James Genone and Nick Kroll (OUP). Draft

(in preparation) with Murez, Michael. “Representational cognitive kinds”, invited chapter for Mental representations: the foundation of cognitive science, edited by Joulia Smortchkova, Tobias Schlicht and Krzysztof Dolega, OUP

Under review and work in progress

(under review) Perceptual adaptation and the reach of perceptual content

(in preparation) Minimal mindreading: modularity or representational format?

(in preparation) Social Perception and Mindreading: one or two functions?


Dissertation manuscript

My dissertation manuscript (2014): The social content of visual experiences